Who are we?

A sensor-based, AI-enabledretargeting platform thattargets users online, based ontheir behavior in the real world.

How it works

We collect data from public and proprietary sources allowing,then we match the device id with their online profile once theuser logs into one of our public WiFi Hotspots.


Loyalty & Proximity Analytics

“Real-time brick and mortar’s users analytics”An online platform where the main analytics of your business are displayed, letting owners understandvisitors behaviour and better ways to activate them.Collecting data of users such as:


Do not enter the place.


Enter the place.

Visitors per area

Frequency and Recurrence

Length of stay

Conversion rate

Passers–by > visitors > visitors per area.

Neighborhood of main transit

Home or office.

Socioeconomic Status


“Easily target consumers online, based on offline behaviour.”Klustera’s platform helps businesses profile andtarget users in a deeper way by filtering not justby their online behaviour but also with their offline one.




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